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Gene Therapy is possible for our AHC children. Our AHC community is collaboratively raising funds to pursue promising research into a therapy for AHC Kids.

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Save Lives

Your donation is the difference. 100% of your donation in this campaign will go directly to research. Gene Therapy, Stem Cell experiments, and Mouse models are among the projects to be funded.

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Futures For Children

These projects are big steps toward a quality of life free from episodes, pain, and physical struggle. These kids and their families welcome normalcy in their lives.

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AAV Project (Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors) Begin new gene therapy project to correct ATP1A3 mutation.  


Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology of ATP1A3 Mutations in AHC - Neurons & iPSC Test actual AHC neurons to see where the problems are occurring in patients. Northwestern/Vanderbilt Universities.


Investigating Mouse Models of AHC Care for AHC Mouse Colonies at Northwestern University.