How to Help

If you have been waiting for a time to pitch in, the time is now!  We are chasing the most promising research into a cure for AHC than ever before. All of our research efforts to-date have brought us to the cusp of treatment for our AHC heroes. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!


Contribute financially to the campaign for Gene Therapy and 3 other projects for AHC.  Get creative, if you have a big donation, maybe make a matching challenge the the community! Discuss your ideas with us, and we can make your ideas happen.


Raising money in your networks adds up to more than your contribution alone.  Just asking 10 of your closest friends for $50 makes a quick $500 for your AHC hero.  Imagine if you asked 10 more of your not-so-close friends to donate the value of a lunch!

We have the tools for you to do it easily!


3 ways to help with Facebook.  LIKE our posts. SHARE our posts.  RAISE funds with Facebook by adding a donate button directed to AHC Foundation.

Details below.

Email & Mail

We have some verbiage you can use in an email campaign or letter writing campaign.  Include our flyer in your Holiday greetings this year!

Details below

Make it Personal

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Go to the Facebook app.

- Click the three lines in either the bottom right corner (iPhone) or top right corner (Android).

- Click the Fundraisers tab. If you can’t see that option, click “see more.”

- Select “Create Fundraiser”


- Log into your Facebook page here:

- At the bottom of the left side menu, you’ll see a section that says “Create.” Click “Fundraisers.”


- From the Create a Fundraiser page, click “Get Started”

- Click the “Nonprofit” box

- Search for AHC Kids Foundation

- Set a goal amount and end date. Are you willing to raise $250, $500, or $1,000?

- Remember! Every dollar raised will support AHC research.

- Add your title and a description about why you’re fighting to fund the Step Up 4 AHC campaign.

- To get started, press Next, then Create!

- Press “Invite Friends” to invite your Facebook friends to donate to your campaign. When you
invite friends, they will receive a notification about your fundraiser.

- Click “Share Fundraiser” to share your Fundraiser as a post on your own timeline. This way, your
friends with can see it, know you’re supporting the AHCF, and have an opportunity to donate to
your fundraiser. You can also write messages about the campaign and send your fundraiser to
each of your friends via private messages on Facebook messenger.

- From your computer, you can send email invitations to your contacts to invite them to donate –
but only those with Facebook accounts can donate via Facebook. If you have someone who is
interested in making a donation who isn’t on Facebook, please direct them to our website to

- As donations come in for your fundraiser, you’ll receive notifications about who has donated and
their contribution amount. Only you can see how much each of your friends and family members
has contributed, but everyone will receive updates of how great your fundraiser is doing!

Next Steps...

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